We invest the time to do it right.
Technology isn’t the answer, it’s how you use that technology that matters. Our competitors seem to think simply using technology is enough, disappointing their clients with generic, ineffective outreach. At Victory Geek, we invest the time it takes to personalize and target our clients’ efforts to ensure victory.
We care.
We put in the extra effort, investing ourselves personally in our work, because we have skin in the game. We have a vested interest in making our communities and country a better place. We know this work isn’t about us, it’s about working with our partners to make a difference. Being in the foxhole together has meant that many of our closest relationships are with our clients and each other.
We're geeks.
The dirty secret is that most data and tech companies are simply reselling someone else’s services. They don’t know how the technology works—they call the same help line you do. That’s not the case at Victory Geek. We know this field because we’ve developed most of our own data and technology solutions. With that knowledge, we’re able to provide you answers, building custom solutions that meet your specific needs.

We're a Midwest-based data and technology team that develops custom solutions for our political clients.

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